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Easily createinteractive buttons.

Using Button Bot you can manage and use buttons to help your server function and more accessible all from the comfort of the Button Bot dashboard.

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Style your commands however you want

  • Customize each button to your wanting from color to emojis.

  • Create custom messages that can be sent to any channel with the send of a slash command.

  • Provide custom moderation tools to deal with issues in the way you want.

  • Look at the analytics provided by Button Bot to learn how to better manage your community.

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    Makes my life 50% easier. No need to confuse myself anymore!

    - Founder

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    Button Bot makes it easier for server owners to create interactable buttons.

    - Founder

Useful Resources and Support

Learn how to use Button Bot to its full extend and get support when needed.

  • How to add permissions to Button Bot.

    Need to restrict commands or actions to certain roles or channels permissions can help!

  • How to transfer existing messages.

    Learn how to transfer your existing messages from the legacy version of Button Bot.